Did You Know…

Why attend?

This event is for students and parents who are interested in learning more about the high-quality and affordable English-taught bachelor's degree programs in Europe.

The event will allow you to:

  • Meet and chat (instant message, video, or voice) with administrators from participating universities.
  • Gather and download information from participating university booths.
  • Watch online presentations on topics including an overview to college in Europe, the admissions process and requirements in Europe, paying for college in Europe, how to choose a school in Europe and more.
  • Learn about the international student experience during a student panel presentation.
  • Meet and chat with Jenn Viemont, founder of Beyond the States and author of College Beyond the States:European Colleges That Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank.

Participating Universities

Beyond the statesThis event is brought to you by Beyond the States. Beyond the States was founded after Jenn Viemont learned about the English-taught degree programs while researching options for her own teens. Beyond the States maintains a database of all the accredited English-taught bachelor’s degree programs in continental Europe and does not partner with any schools, in order to provide a single source of objective, honest, and comprehensive information. Jenn regularly visits schools throughout Europe in order to provide first-hand guidance around this important decision. Jenn is the author of College Beyond the States:European Colleges That Will Change Your Life Without Breaking the Bank. The book profiles schools she has visited and selected based on quality indicators and the international student experience. Only these thoroughly vetted schools were included in this fair.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll be able to use instant messaging, voice or video chat to talk to talk directly to Jenn Viemont, administrators from participating schools, and the student panel. You may leave questions for university administrators during times in which they are not at their booth.
The event will be open 24/7 from 9 am (EST) on Saturday though 9 pm on Wednesday. Attendees can view webinars and presentation recordings, as well as leave messages for the universities at any time throughout the 5 days. Scheduled events and presentations will occur during the day on Saturday and Sunday, and a schedule will be sent to registrants prior to the event.
No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate. You only need to have access to the internet.
Yes, you can access the event for 3 days after the event has ended.
The event will remain open 24/7 for five days. Therefore, you can attend whenever it’s convenient for you during this period of time. Recordings of the live event will be viewable and you can still leave questions for the universities during this time.